About #AllGunsBlazing


Often, but not always, collaboration dinners are wildly overpriced for safe & stagnant cooking in an overly formal environment, the creativity and ambition is lost with chefs resting on their laurels.

These nights are about wanting to create a special dinner with a special chef willing to come out of their comfort zone of their kitchen or environment to provide a great dining experience for guests, to introduce the cooking to an audience who may not be familiar with that chef’s food or restaurant.

The aim of #AllGunsBlazing is to produce affordable & cutting edge collaboration dinners that will serve food as exciting as you can get anywhere in the UK with a strong focus being put into the music, lighting, mood & beverage menu giving guests a dining experience to remember.

The collaborating chef will nearly always come from outside of London, giving Londoners a chance to try their food closer to home. To add a further twist to things, the collaborating chef & Ben will create one savoury dish & one sweet dish together to serve as part of the menu on the night.

Check out what the Financial Times have to say about #AllGunsBlazing http://howtospendit.ft.com/food/111263-maverick-ben-spalding-cooks-with-ernst-van-zyl



10 servings (4 servings from the collaborating chef, 4 servings from Ben & 2 servings created between the featured chef & Ben)

Dish 1 - Collaborating chef - serving 1

Dish 2 - Ben - serving 1

Dish 3 - Collaborating chef & Ben - serving 1

Dish 4 - Ben - serving 2

Dish 5 - Collaborating chef - serving 2

Dish 6 - Ben - serving 3

Dish 7 - Collaborating chef - serving 3

Dish 8 - Ben - serving 4

Dish 9 - Collaborating chef & Ben - serving 2

Dish 10 - Collaborating chef - serving 4

Dietary Requirements


VEGETARIAN, VEGAN & INTOLERANCES CATERED FOR. Please notify us prior to the dinner, by email, or on arrival.



We will be working with Bibendum Wines and also directly with several producers to form an exciting, varied, interesting & affordable wine list that will change each month.

An equally interesting non-alcoholic list will be available made up of super-berry juices, sodas & non-alcoholic cocktails.

Creative Bartenders will deliver drinks such as ‘Monkey 47 Gin & Pedrino Tonic with pink grapefruit & grape ice cubes’ & ‘Ice cider flavoured with stem ginger & kaffir lime’.

High quality spirits paired with not so commonly used ingredients in London such as cloudberries, feijoa, Messmör, sea buckthorn & banana-passionfruit will feature in an exciting & well priced cocktail list.

Guest collaborators who are working at the top of their game will be invited too, as we come into the autumn months.



The music will focus on a mixture of rare jazz & funk, some house & melodic disco.

As the dinners drift into the autumn months they will feature live music from brilliant up and coming jazz bands & piano players – taking full advantage of the piano at the venue.



£79-£89 per guest for 10 courses inclusive of VAT. No hidden booking fees or admin fees from

event websites.

For the first two events we are offering: buy 6 tickets, get 2 free (subject to availability).



To buy tickets for any date please Click Here or email Book@allguns-blazing.com